bruna, (margnleesfan) wrote,

er... random?

There's a rain outside. I LOVE rainy nights, they are so... beautiful.

Tonight I'm glad. I mean despite the fact that I spent the past three days doing tests (Math, Biology, Phsics, Chemistry...)and failing in all, I am.
Castle IS going to have a 3rd season, and Lie to Me comes back on June. Yay and yay.
My sister gave me a Nintendo DSi and my English classes are now on FRIDAYS and Saturdays. Which means I can spend the all weekend talking in English with an American (aka Kevin aka my teacher) lol
I currently have 24 movies on my computer that I need to watch. Thanks to Easter (which is on Sunday), I'm not having classes tomorrow nor Friday. I can finally get some rest and catch up on the movies.
God knows how much I missed those little silly things to cheer me up. Yeah, I've missed 'em :)

And now I have a Tumblr, look: clickie click!
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